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TripLog Timesheets

TripLog’s time and attendance tracking features make managing your team’s payroll a breeze. Employees can clock in and out, manage hours worked, and easily submit timesheets for approval.

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Managing attendance through TripLog's scheduling
Mobile + Web

Manage Attendance & Leave

Easily track and see time for every single task, project, and customer (or own employees and department). That way you always know how many hours are tracked, the estimated time use on the project, and how many hours you have already invoiced.

Employees can also see their PTO balance and request time off from within the app.


Easy Timesheet Submission & Approval

Team members can submit their timesheets and managers can easily review and approve from TripLog’s web dashboard. Get in-depth summaries and detailed reports with just a click, and export reports to your connected payroll and accounting systems.

Submission approval in TripLog's dashboard
Viewing team locations in TripLog's Maps

Efficient Team Management

Track progress at a glance, see where your team has allocated time, and discover inefficiencies to improve. With GPS location points, add a layer of accountability to your company. Easily manage multiple locations and offices.


Clock In. Clock Out. Rest Easy.

Team members can simply clock in and out for their workday, and easily categorize and track by job, client, or location.

Clocking in and out from a mobile app
Save Time

Time Tracking By Industry

Healthcare is an industry that demands congruency and precise management like no other. Ensuring that shifts are covered and that employee schedules are well-managed could mean all the difference. Avoid errors that come with pen and paper reporting to ensure the safety of providers and patients.

A day in the life for a real estate agent could involve meeting with several clients and juggling a lot of people’s money. TripLog Time makes it simple to track your time with impeccable accuracy, giving you more time to focus on making those big-ticket deals. Create and manage schedules with your team from both your mobile phone and your desktop, and quickly alert them to any schedule changes.

TripLog Time allows you to easily track your employee’s time and location and assign them the appropriate jobs as needed. There are few industries out there as hectic and demanding as IT, so it’s important to have a robust and easy-to-use time tracker that your employees will love.

Preventing time theft can be a formidable task in any industry, but construction has its own unique challenges. Eliminate guesswork and keep your employees accountable using a modern and full-featured time tracking solution like TripLog. Boost efficiency, productivity, and decrease costs in the long run by avoiding outdated paper timesheets.

With TripLog Time, you get the market’s best tool for tracking and approving employee schedules and timesheets. Easily see each project and job’s budget and rate to help estimate costs and manage bills/invoices. Aid in tracking profits, costs, and more. Cut out the ambiguity that comes with outdated timekeeping methods.

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